We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. A sleeping bag that's unlikely to stay underground is the. As far as 3-season sleeping bags go, the REI Magma 15 is an attractive option on many levels. December 11, 2020 at 2:57 pm. Our top choice serves functionally for hikers and campers alike. Further, the rectangular shape and 30-degree temperature rating mean that it isn’t viable for most backpacking trips, which is one of the main reasons to go with a packable and lightweight down bag. All trademarks property of their respective owners Helping it retain body heat is the legit draft collar that seals heat in on cooler nights. Not only is it easy to create a large and comfortable space for two if you zip it to another bag, but unzipping the bag on its own opens it up for use as a blanket. Today’s backpacking sleeping bags offer not only exceptional warmth for their weight... Back to Our Top Camping Sleeping Bag Picks, Back to Our Sleeping Bag Comparison Table. For most, the primary weight and packability consideration for a camping bag is whether or not it can be carried from the garage to the car, squeezed in with the rest of your stuff, and then moved from the trunk to the tent. See our review of the best sleeping bags of 2020, with down and synthetic sleeping bags from Big Agnes, Sea to Summit, and more. Enter the Frontcountry Bed, which is a solid choice for stomach or side sleepers. It’s worth spending a bit of time finding the right sleeping bag… Below is a list of the best brands of sleeping bags for backpacking. For campers looking for a sleeping bag that can pull double duty on the occasional backpacking trip, we like Nemo’s Forte. Shape: MummyTemperature rating: 15°FFill: SyntheticWeight: 3 lbs. All things considered, The North Face One is a well-executed and highly versatile option for year-round adventuring.See the The North Face One Bag. And if you’re considering a double bag (covered in more detail below), you’re talking about packed dimensions listed in feet rather than inches. Just how are you supposed to wade through all the options and pick the perfect sleeping bag for you? A third type is the no-zip, which is limited to a couple designs, including the Sierra Designs Frontcountry Bed that made our list. The orange neck baffle shown here is great at preventing warmth from escaping out the hood on cold nights. Expert Advice on Choosing the Right Backpacking Sleeping Bag. Yeah, sort of. 4 oz.What we like: Incredibly cheap for the warmth it provides.What we don’t: The heaviest and bulkiest mummy bag on this list. Compared with the Forte above, the tighter-fitting Cosmic is the better buy if you’ll be backpacking more than 1-2 times a year or want to travel light.See the Kelty Cosmic Down 20  See the Women's Kelty Cosmic Down 20. Good budget sleeping pad, worked decently in 30 degree weather. Built for cold-weather camping, the Big Agnes Lost Dog 15 is a cozy and roomy synthetic sleeping bag. We do really like its zipper, which is anti-snag and includes a pull tab on the inside for a more convenient escape. Spacious to roll around in and equipped with a real hood and cinch cord, the Big Agnes is one of the few on this list to remain warm when temperatures dip below freezing. Millions travel just to stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon, gaze across the expanse, and peer into the abyss. What are the downsides in choosing the Galactic 30? To keep from having to replace sleeping bags every couple years as your little camper grows up, consider getting a sleeping bag that has an adjustable length, like the REI Kindercone. It … This makes it less restrictive inside, particularly for side sleepers and those prone to tossing and turning. https://www.switchbacktravel.com/best-camping-sleeping-bags In addition, down is much more expensive that synthetic insulation. As far as traditional mummy bags go, the Magma is designed pretty well. As a general guideline for 3-season use, we recommend a rating between 2.5 and 4. Some campers won’t mind missing out on the plush feel for the substantial cost savings (about $80 separates the North Face and Coleman options), but a well-made bag is undoubtedly a nice place to slip into at the end of the day. The REI Co-op Siesta 30 Sleeping Bag is as much sleeping bag as anyone could want for basic car camping, and it costs almost a third the price of more specialized backpacking options. I've owned a number of REI sleeping bags and always been pleased with them. While the competition employs heavier materials, the Down Time uses lighter weight shell fabric to keep the bag lighter while including more down. The Best Women's Ski Pants of 2021. Shape: RectangularTemperature rating: 30°FFill: 550-fill DriDownWeight: 2 lbs. This unique design is akin to a roomy pea pod with a big opening in the top and a built-in comforter—there are no zippers here. Our testers appreciated this when lugging this bag … The Magma scores pretty well on comfort. In addition, the Groundbreaker includes functional touches like a fabric strip along the interior to minimize snagging and a two-way main zip that allows you to use the bag as a quilt or unzip just the bottom to cool off on balmy summer nights. That said, for a little more dough, you could … I have found these 2 that look promising: REI Co-op Groundbreaker 30 Sleeping Bag. Comparison Table of the Best Backpacker Sleeping Bags . In addition, the Groundbreaker includes functional touches like a fabric strip along the interior to minimize snagging and a two-way main zip that allows you to use the bag as a … And for trips when you want the double bag functionality, it’s easy to connect the Duo’s two pieces for a cozy and comfortable set-up. A size long weighed in on our scale at 1.39 pounds, impressively light for a 30° mummy bag with a full-length zipper. In the end, the temperature rating does have value and you should use it as a basic guideline. And the gap is much larger for premium down bags, which can cost $500 or more. If you have a little kiddo or are shopping for one, we highly recommend picking up a sleeping bag that is sized proportionally. The 2020 rain jackets for men and... Cozying into your sleeping bag at the end of a long day on the trail is one of the simple pleasures of backpacking. This means that the bag is significantly less warm than The North Face Eco Trail Bed above along with many of the pricier options on this list. Shipping & Satisfaction Guarantee. Peter Spiller, owner review by Peter Spiller: REI Kindercone 30 F (-1 C) Sleeping Bag, BackpackGearTest.org, August 4, 2008 T.D. For $60, you get a 0-degree temperature rating and a unique construction that attaches a mummy bag’s hood to a rectangular bag. Wood, Sleeping Bag Care , REI , December 3, 2014 Most campers stick to the warmer months for their outdoor adventuring, and as a result, most of the sleeping bags on this list are rated in the 25-40 degree range. With a 22-degree temperature rating, sub-3-pound weight, and decently packable build (for a synthetic design), the Forte is fully serviceable for short forays into the backcountry. Like the Celsius above, the Teton Sports Tracker is a solid value option. Also, most rectangular bags are heavy and don't pack down small, so if you are looking for an all-in-one option for camping and backpacking, we recommend choosing a mummy-style bag instead. First off, even though the down clusters have a hydrophobic treatment, the Galactic will not perform as well as the synthetic bags above in the wet. The grey pull tab on the inside of the zipper is a nice touch which ensures that escaping the bag isn't a struggle. And at just over $100, that’s a whole lot of mummy bag for your car camping adventures. 12 oz.What we like: A great price and reasonably comfortable in warm weather.What we don’t: Bulky, cheap materials, and doesn’t include a stuff sack. Regular. Sleep comfortably on overnight camping trips without adding bulk to your pack with the Phase 30° Sleeping Bag. There’s no need to suffer through the night in a constricting mummy bag, so options in this category tend to lean more towards a traditional rectangular shape or a roomier mummy. Perhaps roomy if you like extra space. As with any sleeping bag, drying out the REI Magma each day is a good practice to retain loft. Further, the zippers can be finicky and difficult to use—in other words, switching between layers isn’t an entirely seamless process. December 11, 2020 at 4:30 pm. There aren’t a ton of innovative ideas cropping up in the camping sleeping bag market, but we like Exped's creative MegaSleep Duo 25. Your cozy refuge at the end of a long day on the trail. This is a mummy bag, but it is designed with a slightly relaxed fit to balance keeping you warm while offering comfort to not constrict you while you’re sleeping. Hiker Joe 833 views. For camping bags, however, weight and a compact stuffed size usually aren’t major considerations.